Spanish Milk – Nick & Josh

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Nick is driving through the the warm, rocky and unpredictable Spanish countryside when he stumbles upon a rural legend. A naked wild man who wanders the hills looking for cock and conquests. When opportunity stands nude, a-top a hill side, you climb up and take it and that’s exactly what Nick North does! Following him […]

LockerJock – Sam Barclay

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Finally, Sam Barclay director and co-owner of UKHotJocks steps into the locker room and he’s ready to deliver the solo you’ve been waiting for. He gives us a true power bottom performance, teasing his hole through his lycra wresting suit with the butt cut out, ready for serious action. Starting with a large clear plug […]

Locker Jock – Rex Cameron

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So we have an all American jock in the locker room and what do we do? Put him in a Manchester United football kit! He was asking about the big football scene in this country from the moment he arrived, so this was our fun way of getting him involved, well into some kit anyway. […]

LockerJock – Fletch Adams

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We’ll never tire of seeing exhibitionist straight boys getting their rocks off in gay porn. This is Fletch’s first foray on film, though he’s been a naked butler and even a stripper, so we know he’s not a shy boy! At 21 he’s got an incredible body and sexual voracity, we talk about tempting him […]

LockerJock – Timmy Treasure

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Handsome and charming Timmy tells us about his life, his work in porn in front of and behind the camera and about his move from Spain to Manchester. He’s sweet and doesn’t look the type to be a filthy power bottom, although he says he’s versatile, he seems to be pretty skilled in that area! […]

Fuck off

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Smooth Latin moves Vs pure Italian charm, cute boyish looks VS rugged stunning features, powerful full bubble-butt VS rock-solid skyward-pointing meat! Newcomer Nathan Raider is a seriously strong contender here, what he lacks in porn experience he more than makes up for in intense sexual passion and a never-ending hard-on! Robbie Rojo is a keen […]

Fuck-off Andro vs Cory

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Ginger aggression Vs. blonde sweetness, hairy and rough Vs. smooth and tanned, bubble butt Vs. thick veiny cock! Andro Mass as you’ve never seen him before, taking a dominant role and fucking the shit of of sweet bottom boy Cory Prince. Right off the bat Andro shows him who’s boss, grabbing his hair, licking his […]

LockerJock – Nathan Raider

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Nathan is a super chatty fellow. We sit down talk about his life, his move to the UK, his hopes, dreams and aspirations… And all things sexual, what makes Mr Raider tick? You’ll have to watch the interview for all that detailed dirty info. We shot the photos in the locker room which blew us […]

LockerJock – Dmitry Osten

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Sexy and cute Dmitry in his white footie shorts and vest chats to us about his home town of Moscow. Despite what some people may think it’s apparently a lovely and vibrant city, though extremely cold as you might expect! All thoughts of that are cast aside with this scorching hot boy. A smiley and […]

Footie fuckers

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Theo Vs Theo! When two footie kit clad lads get together after a hard sweaty game, they feel dirty and wana get dirtier. Tired and hot feet need a rub down… maybe a little more The smell of fresh sweat, used trainers and stinky socks fills the air. Reid is first up and gets down […]

LockerJock – Danny Montereo

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Completely cute and lovely Danny melts our hearts and the cameras in his UKHotJocks debut. A winning smile, infectious laugh and killer body are a wicked combination. Danny is big on travel and hails from Mexico, though he visits the UK frequently. We chat about his life and his impressively long career in porn. Wearing […]

A seriously explosive fuck

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Morning coffee and emails is a perfectly normal way to start any day, Brute Club filters through the junk and the essentials before coming across an intriguing message. Not selling anything but clear instruction and directions to ‘Come to the Mill’, in as many words. Too curious an offer to pass up! Fresh faced and […]

LockerJock – Jack Green

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Confident, well spoken, cute and full of spunk Jack Green is the kind of sweet boy you can take home to meet the parents but also the kinda young man you want to throw around the bedroom! Theres a definite bad boy streak in this charming university language student, proving you can have smart and […]

LockerJock – James Castle

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Photogenic, sporty and incredibly sexy James Castle conceals his incredible body under his shiny, well fitting sports gear and not so much with his shorty shorts! A south western English country boy born and raised we talk a little about his life how he’s travelled and lived in different places, here in Manchester being one […]

Robbie Rojo and Kayden Gray

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Robbie approaches the decaying remains of a by-gone industrial era with a cautious but curious intention. Dressed in crisp white and tight jeans, he’s a stark contract against a dirty and dusty backdrop. Making his way through the building he walks ok rooftops and explores the outer areas of this massive structure. Kayden sits alone, […]

LockerJock – Tristan Stone

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Webcam performer turned porn actor Tristan Stone dips his toe in the hot pool of professional adult work. He’s been entertaining the masses live on camera for some time now and has even built up a fan base who I’m sure will follow his on screen adventures just as rigorously. Dive in Tristian, I think […]

Lured 2: The top

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It’s a warm summers day and James is walking through the city, he hears a phone box ring unattended. Curiosity gets the better of him so he opens the door and picks up the receiver. He’s met with an eerie sound and an obviously disguised but nonetheless intimidating voice: “Come to the Mill, come alone, […]

Hooded: Behind the scenes

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A behind the scenes peek at the filming and and “off camera” action on the set of feature production HOODED. We let the cameras roll between the takes, chatting with the boys about life, the universe and everything. Expect lots of laughs, naked boys larking around and watching directors Sam and JP doing their thing! […]

Hooded: Theo Ford and Chris Harder

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The subs are eager to be chosen, standing straight, muscles taught and presenting themselves the best they can in the hope the next Dom will take a shine to them. They live for this. Theo wastes no time in going over each boy one by one. He’s thorough and very assertive, spits, slaps and snogs. […]