Soho 3

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Stefan and Lucas are looking for some extra spice, they find it in the form of hunky, ripped escort Mark. Lucas is in paradise with two juicy, tight holes to finger and lick out, whilst horny cock hound, Stefan loves nothing more than having his arse and throat drilled simultaneously. The guys pump and grind […]

Clayton K & Kai – Big Dick Fuck

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After last Sunday’s “DIY” fuck film I thought we had better follow up with something a bit different  – and big-dicked Clayton fucking the life out of Kai seemed the perfect choice! And what a ball busting ride these two randy guys had with each other – they were out to please each other in […]


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Marshall is a fit scally boi from the streets of London.  He often gets into scraps and makes a nuisance of himself by hanging around street corners and annoying the neighbours!  He was wearing loose fitting trackie bottoms, a white sleeveless t-shirt and a hoody.   After having had a couple of beers and watching some […]

Big Dicks Small World – Episode 3

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Luke wakes up next to his beautiful boyfriend with his usual morning wood and takes a quick shower, get’s dressed and prepares to leave for work. But he knows Aarron’s got a hard-on beneath that duvet and can’t resist kissing it goodbye for the day! But it’s on his way home from work that things […]

Kyle C & Shayne – The Forbidden Fuck

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I’ve got to admit that I had no idea that this shoot ever happened until right now – 5 hours before its release on the site! Here’s Shayne’s version of events as to what he (my cunning assistant) got up to: “Well, ever since I first filmed Kyle C he hasn’t stopped texting and flirting […]


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UK Naked Men golden boy Harry Louis is back. This guy has a huge follwing and never fails to boost sales whenever he appears on the site. He’s paired with the imimitable Ashley Ryder, equally well-known and famous for his ability to take the most daunting of objects in his arse. What a match these […]