New arrival

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Shown into the Sergeants room, tiny tattooed twink is inspected by the strict superior Killian James. He’s not one for tattoos on his boys and strips Cory butt naked to see how many he really has. Liking what he sees, he’s willing to forgive the ink, but only if he’s good enough to fuck. Not wanting to be out on his ear, Cory slurps on Killian’s thick cut dick, the muscled hairy chested man working the boys head up and down over his shaft, arm up showing his hairy pits and handsome face in full view. Looking down at his boy giving him a great oral workout, Killian wants to step things up a gear and gets his big dick buried into the smooth butt-crack on offer. Working his boy hard, Cory pushes back, wanting more and more dick up his delicious ass, and Killian is only too happy to give it to him! Flipping him over and onto his desk, the muscled stuff sprays Cory with spunk, whipping his dick out of his ass just in time to unleash his load after Cory clenches his butt as he shot his own seconds earlier.

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