Spanish Milk – Nick & Josh

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Nick is driving through the the warm, rocky and unpredictable Spanish countryside when he stumbles upon a rural legend. A naked wild man who wanders the hills looking for cock and conquests. When opportunity stands nude, a-top a hill side, you climb up and take it and that’s exactly what Nick North does! Following him up the rockies and squaring up to this stunning naked boy, they look intently at each other. An intense kiss and wandering hands tall, tanned Nick takes control and pushes him down to suck his hard cock. The warm breeze, and hot blood rushing between these hot men take over. Josh takes him down to a shielded grassy spot, Josh bends over, offering his arse to Nick. He rims then hammers the fuck out of him! Nick then pushes Josh up against the ro! cks and slides into him. Josh lifts his tight arse high up high, balancing himself precariously but giving Nick perfect access to his perfect arse! Pounding and balancing, rocks crashing together making as much noise as the boys!

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