LockerJock – Sam Barclay

Written by Steve on . Posted in UK Hot Jocks

Finally, Sam Barclay director and co-owner of UKHotJocks steps into the locker room and he’s ready to deliver the solo you’ve been waiting for. He gives us a true power bottom performance, teasing his hole through his lycra wresting suit with the butt cut out, ready for serious action. Starting with a large clear plug then working up to a super thick giant 12 inch dildo! We chat to Sam about what it’s like to be at the helm of UKHotJocks and all the work that’s involved with the running of the studio, he and JP clearly have a wildly creative passion for it. Sam is a born performer, he seriously knows how to work the cameras, his muscular body and his insatiably hungry hole. What looks like quite a big toy to some is just Sam’s starter toy, warming himself up! for the much bigger thing to come. Crystal clear, wide and a very sizeable butt plug helps to open up his arse and tease us with what’s coming next. Pulling out a monstrous, black, 12″ criminally thick dildo! Apparently Sam calls this his ‘novelty doorstop’ to those who spot it, it actually props his bedroom door open. but in actual fact it IS a toy that he uses sometimes! Lowering himself down onto it it takes a little time before he’s comfortably riding it. Quarter way, half way, 3/4′s BAM! he’s bouncing up and down on it like a pro, and like a pro using stringy J-Lube, the right substance for heavy duty jobs! A serious hole stretching experience, Sam stands up, whips off his singlet and turns around on it, squatting and taking it from the back. Appetite satisfied, he’s absolutely stuffed full and literally ready to burst. Watch out cameras, it’s gonna be, yet another big one.

Sam-Barclay-LJ_09 Sam-Barclay-LJ_10 Sam-Barclay-LJ_11 Sam-Barclay-LJ_12 Sam-Barclay-LJ_13 Sam-Barclay-LJ_14 Sam-Barclay-LJ_15 Sam-Barclay-LJ_16 Sam-Barclay-LJ_17 Sam-Barclay-LJ_18 Sam-Barclay-LJ_19 Sam-Barclay-LJ_20 Sam-Barclay-LJ_21 Sam-Barclay-LJ_22 Sam-Barclay-LJ_23 Sam-Barclay-LJ_24 Sam-Barclay-LJ_25 Sam-Barclay-LJ_26 Sam-Barclay-LJ_27 Sam-Barclay-LJ_28


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