LockerJock – Fletch Adams

Written by Steve on . Posted in UK Hot Jocks

We’ll never tire of seeing exhibitionist straight boys getting their rocks off in gay porn. This is Fletch’s first foray on film, though he’s been a naked butler and even a stripper, so we know he’s not a shy boy! At 21 he’s got an incredible body and sexual voracity, we talk about tempting him back for a full scene, with another guy and he doesn’t say no! It’s not a yes either but we definitely see some temptation there, you’ll just have to wait and see what we can do with him. Meantime, we have him in all his solo glory in the locker room. Instantly he knows how to work the cameras, he’s either practised this before or is a born natural, we think it might be a bit of both! Stripping slowly, teasing us with his tanned, smooth and buff body. His gear comes off! , peeling down his tight white briefs, stroking and grabbing his delicious bubble butt. Flexing and tugging on his long smooth cock, with a sexy downwards curve which looks guaranteed to hit the spot. Grabbing a big bottle of baby oil and drenching himself in a slick coating, shining his bulging chest and tight abdominals up, seriously sexy! Wanking with baby oil feels so good, the expressions on his face say it all! Building closer and closer the groans get louder, shorter, he spunks a thick and creamy load all over himself.

Fletch-Adams-LJ_01 Fletch-Adams-LJ_08 Fletch-Adams-LJ_09 Fletch-Adams-LJ_10 Fletch-Adams-LJ_11 Fletch-Adams-LJ_12 Fletch-Adams-LJ_13 Fletch-Adams-LJ_14 Fletch-Adams-LJ_15 Fletch-Adams-LJ_16 Fletch-Adams-LJ_17 Fletch-Adams-LJ_18 Fletch-Adams-LJ_19 Fletch-Adams-LJ_20 Fletch-Adams-LJ_21 Fletch-Adams-LJ_22 Fletch-Adams-LJ_23 Fletch-Adams-LJ_24 Fletch-Adams-LJ_25 Fletch-Adams-LJ_26 Fletch-Adams-LJ_27


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