Catching up with sexy Danny

Written by Steve on . Posted in Blake Mason

It’s been quite a long time since we first found young Danny and shot a video with him wanking his cut cock for the boys. He’s changed quite a bit in that time, becoming a handsome and a bit of a smooth buff jock rather than a smooth and slight twink. He’s been pretty busy, but we’re very happy to have him back making videos with us. Find out what he’s been up to and enjoy another excellent solo cock stroke as he shows off his sexy body and rubs a hot load of cum from his stiff inches!

BM1116_Danny_Montero_01 BM1116_Danny_Montero_03 BM1116_Danny_Montero_04 BM1116_Danny_Montero_05 BM1116_Danny_Montero_06 BM1116_Danny_Montero_07 BM1116_Danny_Montero_08 BM1116_Danny_Montero_09 BM1116_Danny_Montero_10 BM1116_Danny_Montero_11 BM1116_Danny_Montero_12 BM1116_Danny_Montero_13 BM1116_Danny_Montero_14 BM1116_Danny_Montero_15 BM1116_Danny_Montero_16 BM1116_Danny_Montero_17 BM1116_Danny_Montero_18 BM1116_Danny_Montero_19 BM1116_Danny_Montero_20


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