Hot rugby lad

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After a quick chat, masculine, tall, scouse rugby lad Tom F, quickly gets hard in his black shorts, pulling his vest up to show his really broad shoulders Tom is naturally well built. But for me the best thing about Tom is his big solid legs. Slipping his cock out the side of his shorts, […]

Sexy, very hung Irish guy Sam Syron

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Hubba Hubba, this handsome, sexy, very hung, Irish guy is just smouldering, oozing sex. Sam Syron is a slender, taut, toned lad with a handsome face, a big cock, heavy, cum-laden balls, hairy legs and the cherry on this delicious cake is that Irish accent, talk dirty you sexy stud! We couldn’t wait for him […]

Some hot slurpy action

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Josh O’Neil is a young rugby lad, about 6 foot 1, and broad with big solid rugby legs. Harley James is slim, defined, and shorter. Hot contrast! Some kissing and nipple sucking to begin with, before Harley gets onto his knees to take out Josh’s big thick cock for some hot slurpy action. They take […]

LockerJock – Danny Montereo

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Completely cute and lovely Danny melts our hearts and the cameras in his UKHotJocks debut. A winning smile, infectious laugh and killer body are a wicked combination. Danny is big on travel and hails from Mexico, though he visits the UK frequently. We chat about his life and his impressively long career in porn. Wearing […]

Steve Hooper solo

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What is it about a straight man that drives some of us crazy? It’s like the ultimate conquest, to get a married man to drop trou and show us his cock. Of course, that’s never enough. Most of us want to taste what he’s sporting. Steve Hooper is that type of bloke. Straight. Probably married, […]

Lots of gooey thick steaming sperm

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3s a party, and when the burly top guys have finished smashing in Nick Spears hole with their juicy uncut cocks and they start using a hammer to fuck him with (you know you’ve lost control of the scene YIKES!) Nick is the slut of the building site, all the guys use him to suck […]

Tyler owns Casper in a one-sided fuck

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Tyler enjoys taking control. The handsome and hung stud leads the meeting with horny Casper, feeding him that big uncut cock, fucking his mouth and then cramming it into his tight smooth young ass. He’s in complete control, fucking him doggy and then pinning him to the bed to use his hole. He really hits […]

A seriously explosive fuck

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Morning coffee and emails is a perfectly normal way to start any day, Brute Club filters through the junk and the essentials before coming across an intriguing message. Not selling anything but clear instruction and directions to ‘Come to the Mill’, in as many words. Too curious an offer to pass up! Fresh faced and […]

Luke Desmond solo

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Simon Booth 484

In one of Luke Desmond’s first ever scene, the 18-year-old builder seemed a bit shy at first. But Luke is one great surprise after another. From when he first lifts his vest to reveal a perfect, toned, beautiful body, with nice pecs and tight six pack, Luke just got better and better. Within seconds of […]

Ryan Ledson fires masses of cum

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Ryan is a young straight man who plays a lot of football; has those typical footballer legs, muscular and long and a nicely defined body with rock hard abs. As his boxers come down, he has that other footballer asset, one great big uncut cock! Must look great in his footie shorts as its big […]

8 massive squirts of cum

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Everything about Leo is big, from his huge muscular shoulders and pecs, to his massive beefy thighs, to his 8.5 inch cock. But he is a bit of a gentle giant, and this scene with him and young blond cutie, Cameron Wilson, is almost romantic in places. There is a lot of kissing, and some […]

Big dicks and heavy loads

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Kayden and Luke are a perfect match, we knew this pairing was going to be steaming hot the moment we saw it on paper. The two hung young hunks kiss and grope, revealing their meaty tools for some tasty oral before Kayden gets started on rimming that ass. It’s a good thing he pays so […]

LockerJock – Jack Green

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Confident, well spoken, cute and full of spunk Jack Green is the kind of sweet boy you can take home to meet the parents but also the kinda young man you want to throw around the bedroom! Theres a definite bad boy streak in this charming university language student, proving you can have smart and […]

Romance for roommates

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It’s the day after the orgy that rocked the swimming academy and roommates Danny Montero and Jaxon Radoc are chatting, making small talk until Danny brings up the way Jaxon looked at him during the soggy biscuit. The romance is palpable and it doesn’t take long for Danny to make the first move, and Jaxon’s […]

Making him cum whilst being pounded

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Andreas is a big manly guy, at 6 foot 3, with a great body, he has thick 8.5 incher as well. And he is pretty dominant too, which Max clearly liked, as Andreas shoves his cock right down his throat, making him deep-throat him as much as he could handle. There’s tons of good sucking […]

Danny takes a ride on that dick

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Danny needed to cum so badly he had to hold his load in throughout most of this horny fuck with gorgeous Nathan. You can see he’s ready for that dick in his hole as he sucks on the delicious tool, and when he impales his arse down on Nathan’s rod he’s rock solid and trying […]

Set for sex

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Danny Montero arrives to London and his buddy Kayden is mid photoshoot! Invited on set to watch his friend getting hard in skimpy underwear, Danny knows he’s done the right thing to visit him, especially when Kayden’s giant dick is bursting from under the tight pants! Once all the work is done, the photographer leaves […]

LockerJock – James Castle

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Photogenic, sporty and incredibly sexy James Castle conceals his incredible body under his shiny, well fitting sports gear and not so much with his shorty shorts! A south western English country boy born and raised we talk a little about his life how he’s travelled and lived in different places, here in Manchester being one […]

Robbie Rojo and Kayden Gray

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Robbie approaches the decaying remains of a by-gone industrial era with a cautious but curious intention. Dressed in crisp white and tight jeans, he’s a stark contract against a dirty and dusty backdrop. Making his way through the building he walks ok rooftops and explores the outer areas of this massive structure. Kayden sits alone, […]